Eddie Sandoval is proud to share his passion for food and a vision of an Asian Bistro to Buena Vista.  His aim is to work closely with community outreach efforts and avidly supports the arts.  He has a deep connection to the Arkansas River and the surrounding 14,000 ft Collegiate Peak mountains.

Eddie lived in Boston in 2002 and worked under James Beard Award winning chef Jody Adams at Rialto Restaurant in Cambridge. It was there that Eddie became inspired to pursue a career in the culinary arts.  He worked on the line with several talented cooks who have gone on to become executive chefs at some of Boston's finest restaurants.

In 2005, his cousin Jeff, then General Manager of Sato Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Edwards, CO, urged him to move west to pursue the opportunity to master the art of sushi.  Under the training of experienced sushi chefs over the course of three years, Eddie learned the complicated process of sushi rice, handling fresh fish and skilled knife work.

Eddie enjoys traveling to Southeast Asia, where he embraces the local cuisines from various cultures.  He combines his culinary experiences from traveling with contemporary Mediterranean techniques and his knowledge of sushi.  In 2009, with the love and support of his family and friends, Eddie achieved his dream of opening The Asian Palate.

Chef Eddie was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1977.  He is a first generation US born Filipino and is the youngest of three.  Eddie's menu would not be complete without his mother's Pancit and his father's Chicken Adobo.

328 E. MAIN STREET BUENA VISTA, CO 81211        719.395.6679